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PROSHINE SERVICE company has been providing professional cleaning services since 2021 and has successfully completed hundreds of individual and corporate projects. Our main advantages are the team specialized in industrial and public facilities cleaning (both the interior and facade works), 24/7 operation, use of professional equipment and chemicals suitable for any working areas and conditions.

Уборщик офиса

Daily cleaning services

You can easily continue your main activity by entrusting our trained professionals to keep your office, showroom, service or production facility in a clean and accurate environment.

Cleaning and disinfection of soft furniture and carpets

In addition to the basic look of your in-house environment upholstered furniture and floor coverings are also an investment. So it is very necessary not only to keep them clean, but also to protect them. Taking these into account, our company conducted an effective and reliable professional upholstery cleaning methods, that will make your investment long-life.

Вакуумный диван
Оконные Очистители

Facade cleaning

Clean exterior completely change the whole view of the surrounding areas. Long-term exposure of windows and also cladding materials to rain, dust and sunlight can have a negative impact on the overall overlook of buildings. Taking all these into account, our company offers professional facade cleaning services to update the exterior of buildings and make it more attractive.

Deep cleaning after construction and repair works

It is absolutely necessary to carry out deep cleaning after the complition of any repair or construction works in any office, manufacture or residential facility. Entrust us with the final notes of your project and feel the complitnes of the result to your heart's content!

Уборка здания
Оборудование для очистки бассейнов

Cleaning and disinfection of pools and water reservois

The cleanliness of pools and water reservois is one of the main factors affecting the human body. Children and people suffering from allergic diseases belong to the sensitive group. Our professional team uses certified, anti-allergenic, biologically active substances after the complition of main cleaning works in pools to protect your health.

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Proshine Service Contacts

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