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Since 2019, PROSHINE LLC has been successfully engaged in activities such as the supply of both made in Azerbaijan and international professional cleaning products, methodical hygiene trainings, technical and cleaning services.

With our customer-oriented strategy and individual approach, we have defined our own place and the trust of partners in the local and foreign markets within a short period.

In the post-pandemic period we are living in, advanced world experiences have shown that paying special attention to cleanliness and hygiene rules is at the forefront of creating a healthy environment and future.

Our main goal is to develop, improve and provide professional services to our customers by following constantly updated technologies together with our specialized and progressive team.

Professional chemical cleaning products

Kitchen, building, area, swimming pool, laundry, production, etc.

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Methodical hygiene training

Standards, use of chemical products, safety rules, etc.

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Household products

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Provision of specialized equipment

Pumps, dispensers, etc.

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Technical services

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Cleaning service

Climbers, post-construction, permanent and deep cleaning

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Delivery to the address

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